Eric Smith


Eric Smith started his mediation career in alternative dispute resolution in 2010. He discovered his love for the art of mediation while working at The Churchill Law Firm, shortly after graduating from Georgia State University in 2009. Eric is registered with the Georgia office of Dispute Resolution (GODR) and the federal government’s System for Award Management ( Eric also provides his mediation experience on various court appointed mediation cases as a contractor through the Justice Center of Atlanta and the Fulton County Office of Dispute Resolution.

Eric is experienced in handling high volume, ongoing disputes and is able to understand new and complex matters quickly. Eric’s clients have ranged from large national companies to individuals with personal grievances.

He has successfully mediated disputes in a variety of sectors including banking, general commercial, insurance, employment, private client, public sector, real estate and professional negligence. He has heightened certifications to handle disputes involving divorce. 

Eric’s Philosophy 

The field of mediation enables people to have 100% ownership and control over the outcome of their conflicts. Given the opportunity to openly express a point of view creates confidence in the process, and having a neutral presence aids in bringing social differences, cultural variations, and miscommunications into alignment. I am visually impaired and as a result of my impairment, I have finely tuned listening skills, and I value my ability to build a bridge of understanding between parties and work toward satisfaction among the participants.  

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