Middle ground is always better than no ground

ADR Georgia, LLC was established in 2009 and is the premier mediation company servicing all counties north of Atlanta and outside the perimeter. It has been regularly engaged in mediation of disputes ranging from association disagreements to EEOC complaints, torts, family law, complex litigation matters. Our mediators are all certified and trained, and registered with the Georgia Supreme Court Office of Dispute Resolution. We are unique in that not all of our mediators are lawyers or judges, although some have those distinctions. We believe that a well-trained mediator can bring the parties together on even the most difficult issues and find middle ground.

Do you really want a judge or jury of 12 strangers deciding your fate in a legal dispute? ADR Georgia is devoted to the art of cost-effective dispute resolution. The cost of litigation in today’s economy, in some cases, leaves the parties worse off than when they started. Middle ground is always better than no ground!

ADR Georgia offers a cost-effective resolution.

Our facility offers a comfortable environment that affords participants many accommodations and technologies to assist in dispute resolution.


Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution includes arbitration and mediation. ADR Georgia is devoted to pursuing cost-effective alternative dispute resolution options.

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Mediation Frequently Asked Questions

Mediation is a powerful method of alternative dispute resolution available to parties in disagreement. This is a process of negotiation facilitated by a certified neutral third party.

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Kurt R. Hilbert is the Managing Member and Founder of The Hilbert Law Firm, LLC. 

Eric Smith has successfully mediated disputes in a variety of sectors including banking, general commercial and many others.

Robbin was formerly a State Representative in the Georgia General Assembly representing House District 58.

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